My Love in Dust

by Tamara Anna Pawlak
Photo by Johannes Plenio/Unsplash

My Love in Dust

I took one step closer—reached my hand toward her—her eyes lifted. Her etched cheeks wet with freshly spoken tears. I stood frozen—my love was not dancing, but writhing in pain! I had not stumbled upon a celebration of life, but a procession of death... 

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My Karen

I resolved this by holding her hair back and butting the crown of my head full force into her throat. She gurgled as the blood rose to her lips. I drank from her deeply, her warmth filling my mouth and sliding down my throat...

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Sea of Gold

I couldn’t help but smile and regretted it immediately. I licked the blood from my lips and sputtered and tripped down the ridge toward my treasure...

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Hunger Pang

The tortilla—like cardboard—the meat, tinged an odd green. But just barely. Probably just sauce...

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Pack Rat

The only problem he had was feeding them. The smell he could get used to. The little clattering noises they made with their teeth...

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