Artwork by Author

Tamara Anna Pawlak


Wolves for Dinner

My perspective is both visceral and empathic. In my writing, I focus on the meat of an observation or sensory experience—keeping specifics at a minimum. Elaborate content and world building are intentionally left out. Only the heart of the matter is observed, the brink of understanding or realization is suggested—a puzzle piece is offered—and then I move on.

Like a snake I shed my skin and bare myself to a fresh point of view. My writing flirts in dark corners—with the bittersweet, curious, surreal, and the absurd—within the dark realizations we may never admit, and beneath the masks worn by those closest to us.

I’ve lived in California, Alaska, and currently reside in the Pacific Northwest, where I explore the creative process with both writing and art. To view my artwork, you can visit me at: