Observations of the Dark and Absurd

by Tamara Anna Pawlak

the latest additions from my growing collection of flash fiction, Prose, and short story Bites


Enjoy the Feast!

Fudge Stanley

Mouths wide open. That’s how his neighbors spend their evenings nowadays. Necks cocked back to the ceiling, taking in the dripping streams...

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A Most Unfortunate Affair

The toppings sloughed then plopped and sunk in the cloudy water below. Pepperoni, olives, sausage chunks, and peppers...

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Old Man's Bag

He’s crept inside and sewn himself into the fibers. One by one, each and every stitch is his, is his...

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Fly Away Home

A marked man’s prowess lives beneath the next man's shoes. He’s a gunslinger with a turkey in his holster. That’s right. You ever been scared of your next meal?

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Mike Shelley

That bologna sandwich turned eating into a miserable production. From that moment on, I deconstructed and reimagined the eating process of every food set before me with both diligence and border-line mania...

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Scabby Bits

All I want is a bowl of cereal, but a family of rats picked off my teeth. So I’ll have applesauce—like I did yesterday...

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Yours and Mine to Keep

It must have started somewhere, right? Only you weren’t meant to remember. That's part of the inheritance...

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Better at a Distance

Looks good from here, wouldn’t you say? Albeit fuzzy...

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A Brief Introduction

Betcha wanna know what I’m scribbling—well, it’s the last page of this book...

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My Left Shoe

Wearing one shoe doesn’t stop others from minding where they step. A bare foot’s also real good at finding all the broken bits of glass and shrapnel in the halls...

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