Observations of the Dark and Absurd

by Tamara Anna Pawlak

the latest additions from my growing collection of flash fiction, Prose, and short story Bites


Enjoy the Feast!

My Left Shoe

Wearing one shoe doesn’t stop others from minding where they step. A bare foot’s also real good at finding all the broken bits of glass and shrapnel in the halls...

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Forest Ghost

A forest ghost has no eyes, a forest ghost has no teeth, yet it can see and taste...

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A Note From Underground

So mad is the mind filled with God ego, that strength and the will to live is seen as defiance...

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Bill the Butcher

He rolled them up and watched them burn. Never held them up to his lips though...

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Hell's Belle

She’s got bloodstains on her knickers and meat stuck in her teeth...

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The Reckoning

The memories don’t stick, the bones that crick. The will grown tired, the body now expired....

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